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APEX Winner spotlight – Arc’teryx Strato Jacket

June 24, 2009

ArcteryxStratoAPEX_09Logo_2CDesigned for snowsports devotees seeking layering warmth and comfort, the Strato Jacket is made with distinctively textured 64% recycled-content Polartec® Thermal Pro® Cobble fleece. This relaxed fitting jacket breathes well and wicks moisture, crossing easily from casual to active terrain. MSRP $175.


North American APEX Award Winners Announced

June 24, 2009


Polartec® is excited to announce the North American APEX Design Award winners for 2009. This prestigious award goes to the best-of-the-best Polartec® based garments that will be available to consumers in fall 2009. Winners are selected based on the style, function and fit of the garment as well as the most innovative and appropriate uses of Polartec® fabrics in the designs. This year’s winners range from a 100% recycled content baselayer, to a technical winter cycling jersey, to a recycled fleece canine coat. And the winners are:

• Arc’teryx Strato Jacket – 64% recycled Polartec® Thermal Pro®

• Burton Polartec® Power Stretch® Gloves – Polartec® Power Stretch®

• Core Concepts Plush Pullover – Polartec® Thermal Pro®

• Cutter Tech Knickerbocker – Polartec® Power Shield® with Hardface®

• Eddie Bauer First Ascent Point Success Jacket – Polartec® Wind Pro® and Polartec® Power Stretch®

• Kathmandu Ltd Hub and Velodrome Cycling Jackets – Polartec® Wind Pro® with Hardface® and Polartec® Power Stretch®

• Mountain Hardwear Polartec® Power Stretch® Jacket – Polartec® Power Stretch® with Hardface®

• Patagonia Capra Jacket and Hoody – 79% recycled Polartec® Thermal Pro®

• Patagonia Phil’s Fleece – 51% recycled Polartec® Thermal Pro® with 40% raw wool

• Peckham USMC FR Grid Fleece Shirt – Polartec® Power Dry® Flame Resistant

• Ruff Wear Dog Gear Climate Changer™ Fleece Jacket – 87% recycled Polartec® Classic 200

The North Face El Cap – 100% recycled Polartec® Power Dry®

In addition to a Tiffany crystal award and bragging rights for a year, winners can participate in a custom hangtag program promoting these products at the consumer level. Polartec® also provides additional marketing support through product placement with media and events. Past winners can testify that the Polartec® APEX Design Award drives sell-through.

Fall 2009 Fabrics Preview

January 11, 2009

In 2009, Polartec will continue to support and expand its collection of recycled content, “reduced footprint” fabrics. Using at least 50% recycled polyester in these styles (and in some cases up to 100%), Polartec leads the market in high performance, no-sacrifice, recycled-content fabrics ranging from base layers, to insulation, to soft shell outerwear. Recycled polyester yarn requires significantly less energy to produce and subsequently saves large amounts of CO2 emissions when compared to virgin polyester.

Debuting in Fall 2009, is a new honeycomb pattern Polartec® Thermal Pro® with 64% recycled content that will appear in the Arc’teryx Strato Jacket and the Roldal from Norrona.

Arc'teryx Strato with Honeycomb Thermal Pro

Arc'teryx Strato with honeycomb Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Houdini will introduce multiple new garments made of recycled content Polartec® Wind Pro® with Hardface® technology including the Men’s Hardface Houdi, the Women’s Slipstream Houdi and the classically tailored, Men’s Blizzard Blazer.

Polartec’s highly breathable softshell collection, Polartec® Power Shield®, continues to expand with the introduction of lightweight Polartec® Power Shield O2® fabric in the Arc’teryx Endo pullover and Zeta jackets. The new, lightweight Polartec® Power Shield O2 fabric perfectly compliments the highly successful and more thermal versions of Polartec® Power Shield O2® in the Hercules and Griffon jackets. The Endo is designed for aerobic activities in a range of conditions with excellent venting, wicking and weather protection. Haglofs features Polartec® Power Shield® stretch wovens with Hardface Technology® in the Paze jacket and tights collections, optimized for cold-weather aerobic activities.

Also known for its perfect balance of breathability and weather protection, Polartec® Wind Pro® with Hardface Technology® comes to market in a beautiful new Norrona Lyngen  jacket and Scapegoat’s custom print Sundowner and Daybreak jackets. High loft versions of Polartec® Wind Pro® appear in the urban chic Embla and Stormur Coats from 66 North.

Scapegoat Sundowner featuring Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Scapegoat Sundowner featuring Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Norrona Lyngen (Women's) with Power Shield

Norrona Lyngen featuring Polartec® Wind Pro® with Hardface®

Patagonia’s Phil’s Fleece is a great example of Polartec’s expanding wool collection. Now in addition to the wool/poly blended Polartec® Power Dry® fabrics, wool blends are appearing in insulation layers with the introduction of Polartec® Thermal Pro® with Wool. 66 North will introduce a jacquard knit wool/poly blend Polartec® Thermal Pro® hoody in the Akrajfall and Por jackets. It has also been rumored that in 2010, Polartec may have 100% Merino wool fabrics to choose from in a variety of weights.

Patagonia Phil's Fleece featuring Thermal Pro with Wool

Patagonia Phil's Fleece featuring Polartec® Thermal Pro® with Wool

As always, Polartec® continues to deliver an ever-expanding collection of unique textures and finishes. A new collection of fabric geared toward the “technical sweatshirt” hits the market in The North Face Cooper Hoody, Saucony’s printed Polartec® Thermal Pro® Zip Hoody, as well as the Urdur and the Logn Zipped Sweat Hoody and Sweat Pants from 66 North. Polartec® Thermal Pro® sweater knit styles, including a mini cable knit and rib sweater, will appear in collections from Marmot, Norrona, Henri Lloyd and Bergans.

Saucony Thermal Pro jacket

Saucony Polartec® Thermal Pro® jacket


Marmot Clo Hoody with Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Garment Spotlight – natureVsfuture

December 22, 2008

naturevsfutureFor most people, the name Polartec conjures up images of warm fleece jackets from Patagonia, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear and other major outdoor clothing brands.

Brooklyn fashion designer Nina Vallenti had other ideas for Polartec when she launched her company, naturevsfuture six years ago: high fashion that is functional and sustainable.

Case in point: the naturevsfuture Fleece Zip Up Jacket.

As the Tastemaker Diaries points out, the jacket is, “made from recycled Polartec® fleece, a combination of yarn crafted from PCP post-consumer plastic (soda bottles) and PIR post-industrial materials (scraps of fabric and yarn leftovers). This jacket is perfect for art openings, job interviews, and getting wined and dined by someone who’s really worth it.”

Check out the full line of naturevsfuture garments. They’ve got a really beautiful little black dress made from recycled Polartec fabric, some cool sweaters and yoga tops too.

Polartec Eco-Friendly Baby Books

November 24, 2008

little-monkeyHere’s an unusual but very cool application of Polartec fabric: cuddly, eco-friendly baby books. The Little Green Book series is designed to educate children on what they can do to be more environmentally  friendly. The books are made from recycled materials and the storylines cover subjects such as improving the environment, learning about endangered animals, recycling and much more.

The cover of Little Monkey features Polartec® fleece made from recycled plastic bottles and yarn scraps. It’s super soft, cuddly  and machine-washable. A terrific gift idea for the holidays!

Chuck Norris’ Ninja R1 Hoody

November 19, 2008

40071_746The Patagonia R1 Hoody is the perfect baselayer or light mid-layer for climbing, skiing, winter running, and much more. The R1 Hoody features 60% recycled Polartec® Power Dry® fabric so it wicks moisture to keep you warm and dry, it’s super breathable and it’s highly compressible and lightweight. With its classic, minimalist styling, we’ve also spotted lots of people wearing the R1 as a casual pullover/sweater around town and in the office.

gearfloggerlogoThe GearFlogger up in AK also apparently spotted Chuck Norris wearing the R1 Hoodie. The R1 must go great with Chuck’s Action Jeans. Read more here.

Garment Spotlight – Jakfish Eamon Hoodie

October 29, 2008

Jakfish, a cool little homegrown company out of Vermont that makes maternity clothing for active and athletic women, was the recipient of a Polartec Apex Award for it’s Eamon Hoodie and Ryan Everywhere Pants this year.

The Eamon Lightweight Hoodie is a stylish sweatshirt that uses Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric and innovative side zips to make sure it fits a woman’s growing pregnant belly. The Ryan Everywhere Pants are cut for the pregnant body, giving them unmatched comfort and versatility with Polartec® Power Stretch® for a body hugging four-way stretch.

Check out this great real world review of the Jakfish garments by Jeanne Sager on “Inside Out-Mom Reviews with Attitude.”

The title of the post pretty much says it all. Read “Jakfish-So You Don’t Feel Like and Elephant”

Denver Post on Gander Mtn Polartec Fleece

October 22, 2008

Denver Post staff writer Scott Willoughby manages the paper’s weekly Outdoor Extremes section. Despite the section’s regrettable name (Scott apparently hates it), he includes engaging stories about the issues, individuals, sports and gear that fuel the outdoors. Scott often scoops the larger, dedicated lifestyle magazines with his timely features on the outdoor scene.

Anyway, Scott has been testing the new Gander Mountain Polartec Mid-Weight Fleece, featuring Polartec’s new High Efficiency Power Dry fabric. Scott gives the base/mid layers from Gander two big thumbs up, noting how the voided construction of the Power Dry provides additional warmth and saves weight.

Read the full review here.