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Religion and Politics

October 30, 2008

Let’s get this straight right off the bat…

Just like your mom taught you, it’s best to avoid talking about religion or politics at the dinner table on your blog. We have no intentions of endorsing a candidate or getting all theological on

But, we got a link to an interesting Polartec story in our inbox via Google Alerts this morning. Here’s a mention of Polartec in an article on from Steve Chapman:

“All sorts of products that didn’t exist a generation ago are now commonplace even in humble neighborhoods — personal computers, cell phones, high-definition TVs, Polartec jackets, digital cameras, Starbucks coffee and more. If their incomes are steadily falling, how do Americans cart home so much stuff?”

Good to see that Mr. Chapman puts Polartec in the same league as cell phones and high-def T.V.’s.

Add some context to the above pull quote and read the rest of the article here.